ANBER010 Five bears at "Bear Lodge", bordered with moose and evergreen trees (hunter green, dk heather,
Availability: 36 full uncrocheted
ANBER012 Coffee break bear, blue & white kerchief, coffeecup, tea kettle, 4 houses in frames, hearts, flowers
(navy) [similar to ANBER022]  
Availability: 31 full uncrocheted
ANBER013 Three bears each with a bucket of hearts, "Country friends", bees, beehives, sunflowers (hunter
green, warm brown, white)  
Availability: 18 full uncrocheted
ANBER014 Two bears with sewn patches, baste-stitch words "If friends were flowers I'd pick you", hearts,
button flowers, 1 bee (hunter green, windsor blue/dk country blue, lt tan, warm brown)  
Availability: many full
uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 double in hunter green, 1 single in lt tan, 1 single in warm brown