Woods-hunting & fishing, page 1
ANFIS001 Outdoor photos, fish, boating, cabin, canoe, fish bag  (warm brown, country blue) Availability: 15
full uncrocheted
ANFIS002 Twenty frames of fish, duck & cattails, boat, oars, bear pawprints, trees, leaves, green hemmed
bottom (hunter green, dk sage, deep sea green, medium sage, wedgewood blue)  
Availability: many uncrocheted ;
Finished: 2 singles in hunter green, 3 singles in deep sea green, 1 single in med sage
ANMOS003 "North, Lodge, Lake," moose, wolf, leaves (hunter green, windsor blue/dk country blue,
Availability: 10 singles uncrocheted ; Finished: 6 singles in hunter green
ANMOS004  Three moose, 3 pine trees, green plaid (hunter
green, warm brown)  
Availability: 11 full uncrocheted ;
Finished: 1 single in hunter green
ANMOS005 Wildlife patchwork, moose, bear,
cabin, fish canoe, leaf (nutmeg brown, hunter
Availability: 19 full uncrocheted ; Finished:
2 singles in hunter green
ANMOS006 Big colored checks, spaces between are moose, bear, wolf, acorn, tree,
leaf (mid brown)
double towel only--$4.50--since the back has pictures upside down
(fine for a double or LONG towel
(see Types of towels)  Availability: 2 full
uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 double in mid brown, 1 single in mid brown