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ANBEE001 Beehive, 3 blackbirds, 5 bees, 5 sunflowers, "Love thy neighbor" sign
(hunter green, bronze, WDgold)  
Availability: many full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1
double in hunter green
ANBEE003 Beehive, red bird, sunflower, bullfrog, fish, daisy, ladybug (hunter green,
Availability: 8 full uncrocheted
ANBIR002 "Home sweet home", 5 birds, 1 nest, 3 birdhouses, leaves (windsor blue, hunter green) [same towel,
but different lighting at different times]  
Availability: 33 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in hunter green
ANBIR003 Four birdhouses, 4 birds-1 is cardinal, "Welcome" (burgundy, paddy green, hunter green, country
Availability: 43 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 2 singles in hunter green
ANBIR004 Six birds, 9 birdhouses in frames (paddy green, hunter green, country blue, gold)  Availability: 25 full
uncrocheted ; Finished: 2 singles in hunter green
Cardinals are here in bird
section and also:
Sandpipers on the beach
Seagulls are often found in the
lighthouse section
Also a frog in $pecial towel$
S-FROG01 on pg 2
ANBEE004 Beehive, 4 bees, 1 butterfly, a birdhouse, purple flowers (dk sage)  Availability: 3 full uncrocheted
Penguins are found in the
Holiday-Christmas/Winter section
HOCPN* on pg 4.
Owls are found in the
Halloween section
on pg 2
ANBIR005 "Home tweet home", birdhouses, birds, nest, berries, hearts (burgundy, hunter green, azure blue,
Availability: 19 full uncrocheted
ANBIR008 Nest with 3 eggs, cabin, beehive, watercan, birdhouses in 5 flowerpots, 3 birds, bees, "At home in the
garden (windsor blue, buff, warm brown)
Availability: 24 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 6 singles in windsor blue
[like a dk country blue, not navy], 2 singles in buff, 2 singles in warm brown
ANBIR009 Nest with 3 blue eggs, blue bird, green birdhouses, "Seeds", blue flowers, white flowers with
watercan ornament in flowerpot (R country blue, C country blue, warm brown/tan, lt sage, med sage, white)  
Availability: 5 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in warm brown, 1 singles in med sage