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ANHEN002 "Chicken Collector", 4 hens: 2 brown, 1 black, 1 white, 2 eggs in
2 nests  
Availability: 11 full uncrocheted
ANROS001 Rooster & grapes  (dark plum, dk burgundy, med sage, hunter green, buff)  Availability: 20 full
uncrocheted ; Finished: 5 singles in hunter green, 1 double in hunter green
ANROS003 Rooster & hen with gray & black checks, strawberries (gray, black, cherry red)  Availability: 2
full uncrocheted
Cow, Rooster, Pig on
birdhouse weathervanes
ANROS004 Rooster, hen, 5 chicks in frames, 2 baskets of eggs (hunter green, windsor blue, claret, white)  
Availability: many full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in windsor blue
ANROS005 Rooster crowing as the sun rises [same towel, better program for hunter green towel] (juniper,
paddy green, brt yellow, honey gold, hunter green)  
Availability: 6 singles uncrocheted, 1 full uncrocheted