Finished Towels, Ready for Mailing, page 30
FT-FRAPP002 Two big red apples, green checked background (hunter green, burgundy)  Availability; Finished:
19 singles in hunter green
         Singles are $4 and Doubles are $5.50  
FT-FRAPP007 Eight apples with evergreen checks (hunter green, linen, burgundy)  Availability ; Finished: 3
singles in hunter green, 3 singles in linen
         Singles are $4  
FT-FRAPP010 Green apples-whole and cut (bright yellow, lt yellow)  Availability ; Finished: 1 single in brt
       Singles are $4    (Towel is crocheted in brt yellow, not lt yellow as shown.)
FT-FRAPP016 Apples in a bowl, on the tree, halved, eaten-core only, a pie, "Apple butter", framed by green vine
(hunter green, paddy green)  
Availability: 1 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in hunter green       Singles are
$4 and Doubles are $5.50