This category has miscellaneous hand towels with items that either do not fit in
one of the other categories, or the refrigerator towel can fit in more than one of the
other categories.
The towels will be deleted as sold and added as crocheted.  

Please send me an email to to request your order.  
Thanks.   Joyce
Finished Towels, Ready for Mailing, Pg 50
FT-MIHOU001 Blue house, "Home Sweet Home", green filigree border (kelly green, paddy green, brt yellow)
Finished: 2 doubles in kelly green, 1 single in paddy green, 3 singles in brt yellow, 1 double in
brt yellow   
    Singles are $4 and Doubles are $5.50
FT-MIGBA001 "God Bless America" Americana patterns (burgundy, navy)  Availability: 4 full uncrocheted ;
Finished: 1 single in burgundy    Singles are $4 and Doubles are $5.50