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HOCSN007 Snowman in frame wearing hat, scarf & mittens, also in frame is purple penguin & a cardinal bird,
penguin is wearing red shoes, outside frame is light winter blue with pictures of mittens, winter caps, & ice
skates (S blue, cherry red)  
Availability: 36 full uncrocheted
HOCSN013 Snowman wearing mittens, scarf & hat holding a bird, tree, holly, bottom border of snowflakes ( )
Availability: 24 full uncrocheted
HOCSN015 Snowwoman feeding 2 red birds, bag of "bird seed"  (honey)  Availability: 33 full uncrocheted
HOCSN016 Two snowkids on a toboggan, houses, white fence ( )  Availability: 2 full uncrocheted
HOCSN017 Snow family of 3 on a red toboggan waving (red)  Availability: 9 full uncrocheted
HOCSN019 Snowman with green scarf & cap, "Joy, winter, faith", wreath, stars, snowflakes, different plaid
patches as background (med sage, dk sage, natural)  
Availability: 4 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in med
sage, 1 single in dk sage
HOCSN018 Smiling snowman with carrot nose, red Christmas cap, green scarf, "believe"  (med sage, dk sage,
Availability: 4 full uncrocheted
HOCSN020 Happy snowman in middle frame with arms wide wearing green checked coat and pants, wreath,
stars, houses, snowflakes, Christmas trees, lights & candy canes ( )  
Availability: 5 full uncrocheted