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HOFAL005 "Autumn", leaves, pumpkins, birdhouse, bird, fence (gold, med. copper, hunter green) Availability: 16
full uncrocheted
HOFAL008 Frames of brown, green gold with leaves,
maple leaf in center with brown background (gold,
white) [This and HOFAL009 are the 2 sides of the same
towel -- good for a double towel $5.50]  
Availability: 22
full uncrocheted
HOFAL011 Seven frames of leaves,
pine cones, acorns, sage & white
checks background (dk sage)  
Availability: many full uncrocheted
HOFAL012 Different leaves, some berries, "Elm, Maple, Sycamore,
Oak" (bronze, dk sage, beige)
Availability: 25 full uncrocheted ;
Finished: 3 singles in dk sage
HOFAL019 Twelve frames of different leaves,
"ivy, leaf, herbs, maple, berry, oak"  (dk sage)  
Availability: 11 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1
single in dk sage