HOHGH001 "Happy Halloween", 5 ghosts, 1 ghost
dog, 1 ghost cat, 2 pumpkins (black)
Availability: 8
singles uncrocheted & 29 full uncrocheted
HOHHS001 Haunted house with bats, pumpkins & jack o'lanterns, gravestone & crow, pumpkin-headed
scarecrow (black, bronze)
Availability: many full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in black
HOHCT001 Black cat, ghost, spider, jack o'lantern, candy corn, witch's hat &
broom, haunted house, pumpkins, "Happy Halloween, Spooky, Boo" (black, white)  
Availability: 9 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 2 singles in black
golden moon in the background  This towel is sold only
as a double towel - $5.50
. Only the front has the design.
Availability: 16 full uncrocheted
HOHJK002 Four jack o'lanterns, 4 black cats, only eyes showing in top pumpkin's mouth (black) Availability: 6
full uncrocheted ; Finished: 3 singles in black
HOHMS001 Miscellaneous Halloween items: black cat, witch's hats & shoes, jack o'lanterns, candy corn,
scarecrow heads, ghosts, autumn leaves (black)  
Availability: 2 full uncrocheted
HOHMS002 Miscellaneous Halloween items: cat, bat, witch, jack o'lantern, ghost (black) Availability: 1 full
HOHMS003 Black cat, bats, spiderweb, candy corn, bottom border of 7 jack o'lanterns (black)  Availability: 2
full uncrocheted ; Finished: 2 singles in black