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MIHOU001 This crocheted hand towel is a Blue house, "Home Sweet Home", green filigree border (kelly
green, paddy green, brt yellow)
Availability ; Finished: 2 doubles in kelly green, 1 single in paddy green, 3
singles in brt yellow, 1 double in brt yellow
MIHOU002 Six frames, largest frame is house, bordered by 2 frames of butterflies, above 3 frames are
tulips, bird, apple (cornmeal, lemonade, lt kelly green, kelly, cherry red)   
Availability: 23 full uncrocheted ;
Finished: 1 single in cornmeal, 1 single in lemonade, 2 singles in lt kelly green, 1 double in kelly, 1 double in
cherry red
MIBLD001 This refrigerator towel is of Four buildings, 2 large homes, schoolhouse, barn (beige, hunter
green, med sage, dk sage)  
Availability: 5 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in natural, 2 singles in hunter
green, 1 single in dk sage
MIHOU003 Gingham houses, apples, in patchwork style (cornmeal, cherry red, burgundy, windsor blue/dk
country blue)  
Availability: 8 full uncrocheted ; Finished: 1 single in cornmeal, 2 singles in burgundy, 1
double in dk country blue/windsor blue
MIHOU004 House, "Welcome", cherries, rooster weather vane, hearts, bowl of fruit, flowers, blue &
white flower design as bottom border (buff, natural)  
Availability: 10 full uncrocheted