Types of towels
To order, you simply need to email me at my address: towelsandsuch@gmail.com  or
towelsandsuch@yahoo.com .  (If I do not answer in a day, cut and paste my email in
your mail program.  Some mail programs seem to send the email, but do not make it to
my towelsandsuch@yahoo.com program.)  Send me the code in front of the towel such
as ANBER001 which is Animal-Bear-#1.  Let me know if you want
single towels or
double towels
and your choice of color.  You can always ask for a color, whether my
website has the towel finished in the color or not.  It could be that I just hadn't done it in
that color before, or I quickly mailed out before a photo of the finished product was
taken.  The popular choice is a
button closure, but I also can do velcro.  I also sell full
.  A full towel is a regular towel uncrocheted.
A single towel is
really a half towel.  
Once crocheted, the
back of the towel
does not have a
A double towel is
crocheted on the fold.  
Looking behind the
front is the other half
with that picture
facing the back.
This is a LONG towel, one full
towel in the Stripes section.  This
is great for not only the kitchen,
but the bathroom for the little ones
to wipe their hands.  It also is great
because it won't fall and end up on
the floor when other household
members are in a hurry.  
Doing a LONG towel doesn't work for the
above two apples and most other towels unless
you really want it crocheted that way.  The
reason is that the back side of the apple towel
would be upside down. (See lighthouse towel
below.) I can crochet LONG towels from any
towel that says I sell one as a double towel
only. (See snowman towel below.)
I could do this snowman
towel as a double towel
or a long towel.  
Many Christmas towels such as this are good as
LONG or Double towels.  There is a whole
section of Christmas/Winter to view and make
choices.  All
solids and stripes work well for
Measurements: Singles and doubles are about 16 1/2
inches from top of crochet to the bottom of the towel.  
It is about 14 - 14 1/2 inches from buttonhole to the
Measurements: A LONG towel is about 28 inches from
top of crochet to the bottom of the towel.  It is about 26
1/2 inches from buttonhold to the bottom.
Most of my towels are 15 inches side to side.  The singles
or doubles are about 12 inches long, which means a
LONG towel is 24 - 25 inches long.  Some may be a little
bigger, especially in the
$pecialty towel$ section.  (This is
the measurement of the towels before any crochet
added.  See the above purple background boxes for
crochet measurements.