This is a flower towel of mums. It is a full kitchen towel folded in half & crocheted with gold yarn

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Crochet top kitchen towels, hanging towels

I have crocheted towels for over 50 years and love working with new towels for the home. These crochet top towels used to be known as refrigerator towels.  Now they hang on cupboards, dishwasher, stove and still the refrigerator.  I also sell the regular kitchen towels without crochet.  All orders over $30 have free shipping.

You'll be pleased with the variety offered. Enjoy different towels for different occasions.

Not only can you choose crochet top towels for everyday, but I have kitchen towels for the different holidays, such as Christmas, Valentines Day and patriotic crocheted towels for holidays such as 4th of July.  A few different holiday towels make a unique wedding gift. 

Size of the towels

A kitchen towel is generally 24 inches in length and 16 inches in width.  A full towel is folded in half and crocheted on the fold.  I sometimes refer to this as a double towel since you have two halves to dry your hands.  A single towel is a towel cut in half and crocheted on the top.  Once the towel is crocheted the towel is 16 to 17 inches in length.  Buttons may vary from photos.

I also make scrubbies for the kitchen and bathroom cleaning.  You may like to check that category.

Contact ME

Email is the best way to ask questions and feel free to ask them. I once had a customer ask doubtfully if I had anything like hot air balloons. I said, "Yes, I have an Easter towel with chicks and bunnies in a hot air balloon." She said, "Oh, he's Jewish." I said "I have a Hanukkah towel." She was very happy and bought both the Easter and the Jewish towel. So ask your questions. I have many towels that are not yet crocheted and maybe the towel you want isn't on the website yet.

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